Saturday, September 11, 2010

If I think for more than a moment
Of my life that is passing by,
I am - to my thinking mind -
A cadaver waiting to die.

In a little while (the longest life
Amounts to a few short years),
I, with all I have had or missed,
With my delusions and my fears,

Will cease to have visible form
Here where the sun shines down,
And - dispersed and insensible,
Or else drunk with another dawn -

I suppose I will have lost
The warm and human contact
With the passing months and years,
With earth and the dreams it contains.

The sun may gild the face
Of the days, but soundless space
Reminds us it is just a facade:
In the night all things are erased.


  1. Hi there! I really like your work! I was trying to find out where I can email you but there seems to be no email add in your profile so I decided to put it as a comment instead.

    I hope you can visit my blog and please do give me some advice and/or suggestions.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to hear from you soon!


  2. Hi Miggy,
    I just type the poems of Pessoa here when time permits - I claim no wisdom :)

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  4. Oww. If that's the case please do type his poems more. Thanks for sharing his poems!