Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the eve of never departing
At least there are no suitcases to pack
Or lists to draw up with things to do
(Some of which are always forgotten)
The following day, before leaving.

Nothing needs to be done
On the eve of never departing.

How relaxing not to have anything at all
To be relaxed about!
What peace of mind when there is no more reason to shrug.
Tedium (poor tedium!) having been left behind
To arrive deliberately at nothing!
What happiness it is not to need to be happy,
Like an opportunity turned inside out.

For some months now I've been living
The vegetative life of thought,
Day after day sine linea . . .

Yes, how relaxing . . .
Peace of mind . . .
What a relief after so many journeys -- physical and mental --
To be able to look at closed suitcases as at nothing!
Doze off, soul, doze off!
Doze while you can!

You don't have much time! Doze,
For it's the eve of never departing!

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