Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've gone to bed with every feeling,
I've been the pimp of every emotion,
All felt sensations have bought me drinks,
I've traded glances with every motive for every act,
I've held hands with every urge to depart,
Tremendous fever of time!
Anguished furnace of emotions!
Rage, foam, the vastness that doesn't fit in my handkerchief,
The dog in heat howling in the night,
The pond from the farm going in circles around my insomnia,
The woods as they were, on our late-afternoon walks, the rose,
The indifferent tuft of hair, the moss, the pines,
The rage of not containing all this, not retaining all this,
O abstract hunger for things, impotent libido for moments,
Intellectual orgy of feeling life!

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