Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've visited more lands than I've set foot on,
I've seen more landscapes than I've laid eyes on,
I've experienced more sensations than all the ones I've felt,
Because however much I felt I never felt enough,
And life always pained me, it was always too little, and I was unhappy.

At certain times of the day I remember this and am terrified,
I think of what will remain of these snatches of life, of this exaltation,
Of this winding road, of this car on the road's shoulder, of this sign,
Of this transfusion, of this evanescence, of this iridescent convergence,
Of this disquietude at the bottom of every glass,
Of this anxiety at the heart of every pleasure,
Of this satiety anticipated in every teacup's handle,
Of this tiresome card game between the Cape of Good Hope and the Canaries.

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