Sunday, January 30, 2011

I lie down in the grass
And forget all I was taught.
What I was taught never made me any warmer or cooler.
What I was told exists never changed the shape of a thing.
What I was made to see never touched my eyes.
What was pointed out to me was never there: only what was there was there.


  1. Hello
    I'm a faithful follower to your blog, Because I'm very interested in Fernando Pessoa.
    You make a great job here but I want to ask you something more, please add some information to every poem you publish (like the book that includes the poem, like the heteronym that pessoa used here, and like the name the translator) that would help us more.
    anyway you have a great blog, please keep going

  2. Amir,
    All of the poems are translated by Richard Zenith. I will try to get the originals in Portuguese.