Saturday, May 22, 2010

I don't know if the stars rule the world
Or if tarot or playing cards
Can reveal anything.
I don't know if the rolling of dice
Can lead to any conclusion.
But I also don't know
If anything is attained
By living the way most people do.

Yes, I don't know
If I should believe in this daily rising sun
Whose authenticity no one can guarantee me,
Or if it would be better (because better or more convenient)
To believe in some other sun,
One that shines even at night,
Some profound incandescence of things,
Surpassing my understanding.

For now. . .
(Let's take it slow)
For now
I have an absolutely secure grip on the stair rail,
I secure it with my hand--
This rail that doesn't belong to me
And that I lean on as I ascend. . .
Yes. . . I ascend. . .
I ascend to this:
I don't know if the stars rule the world.

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