Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I CARRY inside my heart,
As in a chest too full to shut,
All the places where I have been,
All the ports at which I have called,
All the sights I've seen through windows and portholes
And from quarterdecks, dreaming.
And all of this, which is so much, is nothing next to what I want.


  1. This was (is?) a man who felt(feels?) what he wanted (wants) even more than he knows (knew) it.

    Wonderful translation. Actually is this a translation? Was it wrote by who signs it?

    I'd like to find it in original portuguese, does it have a title? Is it from an 'heterônimo'?

    Sorry for the big number of questions. Result of pure curiosity :)


  2. Olá!
    These are translations of poems by Pessoa (b. June 13, 1888 in Lisbon, Portugal — d. November 30, 1935 in the same city) I merely reproduce them here to share with the internet. I do not have the original Portuguese versions (yet), nor do I know the titles!

  3. thank you for posting his poems here, I am in love with Pessoa. It makes my day just to read his poems.