Saturday, September 12, 2009

Voyages and voyagers -- and so many different types of them!
So many nationalities on earth, so many professions, so many people!
So many different directions to steer one's life,
And life itself, in the end and at heart, always always the same!
So many strange faces! All faces are strange
And nothing gives one the sense of what's holy so much as watching other people constantly.
Brotherhood isn't finally a revolutionary idea,
It's something you learn by living your life, when you've got to tolerate everything.
And you begin finding amusing what you've got to tolerate,
And you end up nearly weeping with tenderness over the things you tolerated!

Ah, and all this is beautiful, all this is human and firmly tied
To the feelings -- so human, so sociable, so bourgeois,
So complexly simple, so metaphysically sad!
Drifting, diverse, life ends by teaching us to be human.
Poor people! poor people, all of us, everywhere!

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