Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being a vagrant and beggar is not being vagrant and beggar:
It's being off to one side of social ladder,
It's being unable to follow the norms of life,
The real or sentimental norms of life --
It's not being a Supreme Court Justice, a reliable employee, a prostitute,
It's not being poverty-stricken, an exploited worker,
It's not being sick with some incurable illness,
It's not being thirsty for justice or a cavalry captain,
It's not being, in a word, those socially conscious characters of the novelists,
Bursting with literary words because they have every reason to shed tears,
And rebel against society because they assume it's their right to.

No: anything but being right!
Anything but caring about humanity!
Anything but giving into humanitarian impulses!
What good's a thrill if it's got some external reason?


  1. which of these are alberto caeiro's?

  2. The startling reality of things...
    (I have posted it in 3 consecutive posts)