Thursday, February 5, 2009

Live, you say, in the present;
Live only in the present.

But I don't want the present, I want reality;
I want existent things, not the time which measures things.

What is the present?
It's something relative to the past and the future.
It's something that exists by virtue of other things existing.
I only want reality, things without time present.

I don't want to include time in my scheme.
I don't want to think of things as time bound; I want to think of them as things.
I don't want to separate them from themselves, treating them as things present.

I shouldn't even treat them as real things.
I shouldn't treat them as anything.
I should see them, just see them;
See them until I can't think about them,
See them without time or space,
See, and be able to put aside all but the seeable,
This is the science of perception, which is no science at all.

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